Monday, December 17, 2012

Newness @ Bishes Inc

Hello My Sweets .... Today I have some newness from The Bishes Inc. a very naughty tank top ; p

This tank comes in very many colors and 3 ways to wear the top a naughty must have in your inventory. This tank is available at The Booobies Show

Taxi to The Boobies Show

Top: The Bishes Inc Tank Red A
Skirt: Cheeky Low Rise Denim Skirt Cheeky
Socks: Cheeky Socks Red
Boots: UBU Xmas RainBoots 
Hair: D!va Daria
Mouth: -UtopiaH- HoHoHo...I've Been Naughty Mouth Dildo with santa hat @ The Boobies Show

Monday, December 10, 2012

Zebra Wellies from -Forbidden-

Hello Lovelies I meant to post this awhile ago but work has me so busy that I do not have time for much of SL.

This is some newness from me Zebra Wellies! They are 100% Mesh and come in 5 color choices and 3 different sizes.

Available Now -Forbidden-

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Newness From The Bishes Inc.

Hello Mah Sexies ..... I know I have not been a good blogger and posting as frequent as I was before but work is getting busy and I find myself working a lot more then usual but anyhoo lol

I have some sexy newness for ya from The Bishes Inc.
Lace Xmas Lingerie with Lola Tango Applier the outfit comes with stockings and antlers and is super sexy ladies.

Outfit: Lace Xmas Outfit with Lola Tangos The Bishes Inc
Hair: Magika Volume Magika

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello lovelies ... its been awhile one day I will get back to a normal work schedule lol but today I have some cute goodies for you : )

3 New things from .evolve., Shabby Cat, and moi ....

I only had time to snap one pic but all these items come in several colors, lets start off with .evolve. this is a Around the World exclusive .evolve.beret. this cute hat comes in cream, houndstooth, scarlet, black, navy, and purple. 100% Mesh

Now on to Shabby Cat and I just love this top called Shabby Cat Shabby Sweatshirt and it comes in lots of colors and I means lots lol black, blue, brown, grey, green, magenta, purple, red, spice, and teal. 100% Mesh

Now last but not least something new from me lol -FB- Zebra Print Wellies these lovelies come in 5 color choices pink, purple, blue, teal, and reg zebra print. 100% Mesh

Top: Shabby Cat Shabby Sweatshirt -magenta- Shabby Cat
Pants: ~Leather Leggings (black) - Shabby Cat~
Hat: .evolve.beret.{black} Around The World - Western Europe
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jayney
Boots: -FB- Zebra Print Wellies -Pink- will be out soon
Skin: -FB- Ginny Almond Milk Skin -Purple- -Forbidden-

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Newness from .evolve.

Hello my sweets .... I have a post before I have to go do the RL grind at work *sighs* lol
but I had to post this one because its so cute

Today is from .evolve. and I plan on walking around in this for the next few days lol
Cute tank top dress and Wellies !!!! I love wellies I actually have some in the works.

This top is called winona.long tank and comes in several colors to choose from and this is also a mesh top that comes in several sizes as well. The wellies come in 6 designs all of them a must have : )
Enjoy <3 <3 <3

Top: .evolve.winona.long tank. (Ocean) .evolve.
Shoes: .evolve.wellies. (Rainy) .evolve.
Hair: Magika Yesterday Magika
Necklace: [ glow ] Necklace Amelie silver
Nails: :)(: NAILS Collection AA
Skin: -FB- Ginny Almond Milk Skin -Blue- -Forbidden-

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Newnes from -Forbidden-

Hello Lovelies I have some newness from me today I had 2 days in a row off from work and I was a very busy bee ; p

I have two new skins and shapes for you Ginny and Madeline each skin has 3 tones and 4 make up choices. Hope you enjoy <3

Bra and Panties: :SEXY THINGS: My lace bra & panties Blue VIP :Sexy Things:
Shoes: -FB- Forbidden Heels -Light Blue- Mesh -Forbidden-
Skin: -FB- Madeline Mocha Skin -Electric Blue- -Forbidden-
Shape: -FB- Madeline Shape
Hair: Magika Draw Magika

Top: Shabby Cat Shorty Cardigan (white) Shabby Cat
Panties: *SL* Temptress Lingerie - White
Shoes: -FB- Sexy Platform -Black Zebra- -Forbidden-
Skin: -FB- Ginny Almond Milk Skin -Green- -Forbidden-
Shape: -FB- Ginny Shape
Hair: Magika Yesterday Magika

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello my lovlies :)

Its been a crazy few weeks for me so I have not been able to post as much as I like but today I have something for you : )

From Evolve a Cinema exclusive .... Called Bloody Jeans they come in 3 colors they are also mesh jeans that have several sizes.

Top: Sabby Cat Zombie Killing Shirt Shabby Cat
Pants: .Evolve Bloody Jeans {dirty}
Skin: Filthy Zombie Skin Halloween Special Filthy Marketplace
Shoes: UBU Pornstar low tops UBU Marketplace
Hair: Magika Volume Magika
Taxi to Cinema

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello my lovlies ... for today I had to go get me a model for this outfit lol ....

This outfit for you today is from [QE] Designs from her Bustalicious line.
This lovely dress is called [QE] Bustalicious Leather n Lace Dress and comes in 5 colors, now this dress can be worn with or without the prim boobs -hence the need for a model lol-

Hope you enjoy!! <3

Model Maddie is wearing
Dress: [QE] Bustalicious Leather n Lace Dress Mulberry [QE] Designs
Boots: J's Studded Long boots Black J's Main Shop
Hair: Magika Volume Magika
Ring: RO - Sanctus Remarkable Oblivion
Skin: *League* Skin Isla Suntan -Set B *League*
Tatas: Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 ::: Lolas!
*Lola skin applier from*

Friday, September 28, 2012


Ok I lied lol I have one more post and its Newness from Me!!

This is my new skin called Luna it comes in 3 tones and 4 makeup choices
This skin is perfect for Fantasy Role Play or Halloween  Taxi to -Forbidden-


Shabby Cat Panty Raid Hunt

Ok one more post for today ...maybe ; p

This is Shabby Cats Panty Raid hunt item and its cute as can be
So head on over to Shabby Cat to pick this up!!!  Taxi To Shabby Cat

Cute Bish

Hello Lovies : )

Today I have some Newness from Bish Inc.
Super cute and super sexy called Cute Bish and it comes in 15 choices but who can choose just get them all ; p

Cute Bish in Giraffe The Bish Inc.
Skin is -FB- Camille Skin Creme -Natural 2- -Forbidden-
Hair is Magika Volume Magika
Nails are Mstyle Mstyle

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Break

Hello Lovlies today I have for you today a new mesh skirt from .Evolve. called Fade Skirt, available in 6 colors : )

Top: .:cheeky:. Damage Sweater! Grey .:cheeky:.
Skirt: .evolve.fade.skirt. (grey) .Evolve.
Tights: Gawk! Black Polka Dotted Nylon Tights Gawk!
Hair: Magika After Magika
Boots: -FB- Black Leather Wedge Boots

Thursday, September 13, 2012

.Evolve. and Shabby Cat

Hello my sweets ... I am sorry I have not been posting and there is some new things that I should have posted last week but I was ill and I am now just feeling better so I know its late but better late then never I say lol

I have for you today some newness from .Evolve. and Shabby Cat I paired these 2 together and got a rather cute outfit I might say ; p

Evolve Patched Cords in 6 colors
Shabby Cat Slouchy Long Sleeve Top in 8 colors
and another Top from Shabby Cat Cropped Sweater w/Tank

Top: Shabby Cat Slouchy Long Sleeve (grey) .Evolve.
Pants: .Evolve. Patched.Cords (Storm) Shabby Cat
Skin: -FB- Camille Coffee -Pink 2- Forbidden
Hair: Magika Volume Magika
Nails: Mstyle Long Mstyle

Shabby Cat Cropped Sweater w/Tank
-Can be worn with or without tank-
Purple and Black

Monday, August 27, 2012


Guess what Lovelies .... another post for ya \o/

For ya know I have a hunt item that is a must have .. the hunt is called Hunt for your Inner Slut
and this is the items from [QE] Designs & Alternative Silhouettes

I do have to say this is very smexy and sluty ; P

          PeekaBoo Halter and Panties and there is a smexy shape with this one as well called Sasha
Collar: -FB- Spikes & Chains
Skin: -FB- Erin Latte -Nude Shadow-
Hair: Magika -After-

You can find this smexyness here just look for the buttefly .. taxi to Emms store [QE] Designs & Alternative Silhouettes

You can find the starting point and other helpfull info here on the blog Hunt for Your Inner Slut Blog


Hello my Lovelies ... Today is going to be a blog overload lol ... One day work will not need me so much and I can actually get some stuff done in SL

but today I have NEWNESS from .Evolve. 3 new items for you Ooot Ooot

Lazy T-shirt, Yoga Pants, and Gym Shorts

Starting off with the Lazy T-shirt

Top: .evolve.lazy.t-shirt. (anchored) .Evolve.
Hair: ! SugarsmacK Hair Studio ! Cate - Mini Fab Pack
Skin: -FB- Camille Latte -Natural 2-

                                              (i-cross) (t-rex) (Swag) (YOLO) (CSB)

Up next Yoga pants which I would love to have in RL they look sooooo comfy

Pants: (baby blue) .Evolve.
Top: ~Cotton Cami white - Shabby Cat~ Shabby Cat
Hair: [e] Balance 
Skin: -FB- Camille Skin Latte -Natural 2-

Navy, Black, Grey, Cream, Pink
Last but not least my lovlies Gym Shorts
Pants: .evolve.gym.shorts (black) .Evolve.
Top: ~Cotton Cami white - Shabby Cat~ Shabby Cat
Hair: [e] Balance
Skin: -FB- Camille Skin Latte -Natural 2-
purple, carolina blue, grey, white, pink

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shabby Cat @ Fashion Voodoo

Hello Lovies Today I have for you awesome Mesh Tank from Shabby Cat available @ Fashion Voodoo

Taxi here for Fashion Voodoo: Fashion Voodoo

Tank: Shabby Cat - Jinx Mesh Tank (red)
Pants: ~Leather Leggings (black) Shabby Cat
Boots: HOC Industries - Thigh Boots (mesh) HOC
Bracelet: ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky ..::DeliciouS::..
Collar: ** Bound Collar Black
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails Mstyle
Skin: -FB- Luna Skin Mystic -RedLip- *Coming Soon*

Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink

Friday, August 10, 2012

-FB- Camille Skin

Hello Lovies !! New Skin @ -ForbiddenBerry- for ya today \o/ .... This Skin is called Camille and comes in 3 tones, each tone has 5 makeups to choose from, and the choice of teeth or no teeth and cleavage or no cleavage. The shape for this skin is available at [QE] Designs & Alternative Silhouettes.


1. -FB- Camille Skin Coffee
2. -FB- Camille Skin Creme
3. -FB- Camille Skin Latte

Find the skins here
Shape can be found here

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shabby Cat @ Vintage Fair

Hello my lovlies ....Today I have something from Vintage Fair for ya \o/
Shabby Cat Copasetic Crochet Halter comes in 4 colors and is oooh soooo cute!!

Top: Copasetic Crochet Halter Vintage Fair Classic
comes in White, Pink, Beige, Black
Jeans: ~Aletta Jeans (light blue) which can be found @ Shabby Cat Main Store
Hair: [e] Balance - Essentials Collection (which was available at hair fair)
Skin: -FB- Elyse Skin Tan -GFW Special-
(will be 100L till monday) -Forbidden-

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Elyse for GFW

Hello Lovies !! Today is GFW on Jersey Shore and I am taking part this week \o/ For those who don't know what that is GFW = Grenade Free Wednesday some designers on Jersey Shore Sim have set out a item or items for 100L or less.

My item for this awesome event is a cute little skin called Elyse which is available in Tan (teeth or no teeth) and for 100L!!! So come on down to Jeresy Shore and get your shopping on ; p

Taxi to Jersy Shore FB @ Jersey Shore

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nani Poses -Pink Ribbion Fair

Hello my Sweets I will be having quite a few posts coming up here \o/ Today I have some poses for you from Nani Poses ... These are the items for the Pink Ribbon Fair so be sure to check it out because this one is for a really good cause.

First up is Nani's hunt item called Pretty in Pink which will be hidden somewhere around her store ; p

Next is a exclusive item for Pink Ribbon Fair going for charity called Summer Heat

Taxi to Nani's Nani Poses

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Claudine and Enix

Hello My Sweets : )  I have some New stuff for you today \o/ We have newness from Shabby Cat, Alternative Silhouettes and myself, New Mesh Top and Shorts from Shabby Cat and New Shape from Alternative Silhouettes and New Skin from moi ; )

*note the shape and skin will be available tomorrow*

Top: Claudine Mesh Top Green Shabby Cat
Bottoms: Enix Distressed Denim Shorts Faded Shabby Cat
Shape: [AS] SHAPE :: Camille :: [QE] Designs & Alternative Silhouettes
Skin: -FB- Camille Skin Latte -Natural 2- (cleavage) w/teeth
Hair: Magika [01] Volume Magika

Blue, Grey, Red, Purple
Violet, Pink, Peach, Green, Blue
Blue, Black, Light

The skin will have 3 tones to choose from Coffee, Latte, and Creme
There are 5 makeup choices to choose from, with and without cleavage,
and with or without teeth.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello Lovelies .... I think it has slowed down enough at work that I will start to have time to blog more \o/ So today here is a little something I have put together hope ya like ; )

Enjoy ; )

Top: %.:EC:. Box Corset Mesh [Kit1] %.:EC:.
Pants: ~Leather Leggings (black) - Shabby Cat~ Shabby Cat
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM "Pure Black" N-Core
Ankle Cuffs: ..::DeliciouS::.. Picky ..::DeliciouS::..
Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails Mstyle
Collar: ** Bound Collar Black **
Hair: Magika [01] Volume Magika
Prop: Glitterati - Blind Glitterati

Thursday, July 12, 2012

-FB- Spikes & Chains Collar

Hello mah sweets so its been awhile work has been kinda of crazy as of late ... but I have some newness for you from -Forbidden- a new collar \o/
This one is called -FB- Spikes & Chains


Monday, July 2, 2012

"Live Long and Prosper"

Hello Lovelies today is a outfit I threw together from one of my fave stores SU! ..... Hope ya like ; )

Top: -SU!-Zombie Collection Tank Top 05 SU!
Pants: -SU!- Cut Off Grunge Jeans Dark Blue (Ripped)
Boots: [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Worn Gos
Stockings: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights -Black Blowpop
Collar: -FB- Locked Down -Forbidden-
Bracelet: : Amorous : You
Hair: Magika [01] Dare Magika

Friday, June 29, 2012

Newness from Me \o/ lol

This is a new collar released today ... this collar is scripted with OpenCollar ... hope ya like it

Enjoy <3