Friday, September 27, 2013

Newness @ FB

Hello mah Lovelies ......

I am soooo sorry I have been quiet as of late but work is always crazy for me, but I had a little break today and was finally able to get out what i have been working on.

So I jumped on the Phat Azz bandwagon and made this for ya!!
-FB- Ciara Jeans

Super cute low rise jeans with sculpted cuffs that come with 2 colors (Light and Dark) also they come with ripped and non ripped version. Color choices are Red, Purple, Green, Brown, Blue, and Black. The Phat Azz applier is included with all choices but the jeans can be worn with out without the applier.

                                                              Taxi To -ForbiddenBerry-

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Stuff @ FB

Hello All .... Sorry its been such a long time since I last posted work for me has been crazy and I am just now getting some free time ... and with that I have several new releases for ya some that should have been posted already lol.

All these new items can be found in-world and on the marketplace
                                                    -FB- In-world    -FB- Marketplace

Lets start off with -FB- Misty Outfit ... now this outfit comes in 4 choices or you can get them all and mix and match them.

From left to right Lemon Dot and Khaki Shorts, Grape Dot and Pink Shorts, Raspberry Dot and Brown Shorts, and Strawberry Dot and White Shorts.

Next we have -FB- Mini Ruffled Skirt which comes with a texture hud. The hud has 15 choices to choose from.

Lastly we have -FB- Niki Shorts ... they come in 4 color choices and all the belts.

Oh let me not forget New group gifties..... I have a new group Gift so be sure to join the inworld group, and I finally got off my butt and made a gift for non group members hope you enjoy all the new stuff.
Group Gift -FB- Tami Dress Baby Blue Plaid

Non Group Gift -FB- Sexy Mini Top *comes with all 3 colors and appliers for lola tango*