Friday, October 4, 2013

Newness @ FB

Hello Mah Sweets!!!!

Ok so I know I sound like a broken record about not being able to post lol ... but my schedule is changing so I will be able to do more stuff in SL wooot!!

I have 2 NEW releases and 2 Exclusive items for the October round of Bewbapalooza
I will start out with the new releases ....

-FB- Felicity Dress in Flirty and Gothic



Next I have for you 2 Exclusive item for the very special Haunted Bewbapalooza, starting tomorrow head on over to Bewbapalooza and grab up these special items that will *poof*

-FB- Skully Lacesuit and Vamp Skin
this outfit comes with ALOT of stuff
-Lola's Tango and Phat Azz Appliers

Last but not least come cute lil Tees
-FB- Halloween Tees