Friday, October 10, 2014

Days of Autumn....

Here for you I have another item from C88.... Cute little dress from The Secret Store and some super cute shoes from Boom.

Dress: The Secret Store - Anita Empire Dress - Wednesday
Shoes: *BOOM* Norma Heels (coal)
*note on shoes: I had to edit them to fit my mid slink feet not sure if they are made for them
but was able to easily edit to them*
Hair: Exile::Sparkle And Fade Natural Fusion 2
Bike: {what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls)
Bench: {what next} Autumn Loveseat
Pumpkins: air - Pumpkins group

Autumn Mornings ....

A new round of Collabor88 has begun and there is lots and lots of goodies!!! Here I have for you a very cute house from Scarlet Creative called Cabin in the Forest this house comes with 2 versions a normal size and a tall size. The version I am using here is the tall.

Chair 1: Zigana lazy sunday chair .manly man
Chair 2: Zigana lazy sunday chair .sheep
Game Table: AF Backgammon Table (Apple Fall)
Pumpkins: air - Pumpkins group
Bench: Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Carriage Sofa
Upper Deck Chairs: Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Deck Chair

Picture: floorplan. paris subway sign
Sideboard: floorplan. card catalog
Wire Basket: floorplan. wire basket stack
Book Pile: {vespertine - bookstacks}
Flowers: The Loft - Logie Baby's Breath White
Blinds:LISP - Mesh Blinds Wide Long - Teak
Chairs: MudHoney Sydney Chair - Chevron
Book Table: [Con.] Bookworm Coffee Table
Cup on Table: floorplan. tea leaves teacup
Rug: TA Avenue Dark Rug (Tartessos Arts)
Sofa: Scarlet Creative Mesh Lucky 8 Sofa - Peony
Books Behind Sofa: AF Reading Pile
Boat:AF Harry's Boat
Book End: AF Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
Hanging Lamps: Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Lamp
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil - Candle Fireplace Tile Plain
Wire Basket w/Pillows: Toronto-Throw pillows basket
Books: Apple Fall Design Books
Flowers: Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Mirror: The Loft - Taylor Mirror
Tree: MudHoney Baobab Tree
Deer: +Half-Deer+ Deer Paintbrush Holder - Shabby Chic
Lights: :CP: Ansel Candle Sconce
Shells: PILOT - Hanging Shells [Blues]
Chandelier: The Loft - Logie Chandelier Black
Side Table: Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Working Table
Lamp: MudHoney Meredith Lamp
Brass Clock: floorplan. lantern clock / brass @ C88
Letters: TA Bohemian Letters
Kitchen Table: AF Cottage Dining Table
Kitchen Stool: AF Cottage Dining Stool
Table Décor
Plate, Napkin, and Shakers: Trompe Loeil - Darya Dining Set
Tea Pot: The Loft - Enamel TeaPot Green
Bread: LISP - Bread for kitchen slicing
Chair: Trompe Loeil - Ashdon Chair with Blanket
Photo String: Trompe Loeil - Stringlights With Photos
Coffee Stand: :CP: Roux Coffee Station
Bed: AF Dreams Bed
Stool: Scarlet Creative Reve Animated Stool - Pale Gold
Chandelier: Toronto-Living room chandelier
Bookshelf: Toronto-Living room bookshelf 2
Lounger: MudHoney Laura Oversize Chair no blanket (cream)
Rug: Culprit Seagrass Rug
Mirror: :CP: Old Memories Mirror - Stencil
Dress Form: AF Dress Form w/ Dress


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lazy Days Ahead...

Some more items that I got from this past round of Arcade .... I told ya I go a bit crazy at these events lol . *Not all items are from Arcade*

Mirror: MudHoney Zoe Mirror - Silver
Suitcase: AF Plaid Luggage Bag
Ladder: AF Stepladder Table
Radio: -tb- Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Pink)
Flowers: The Loft - Logie Tulips White
Cup on Books: AF Teacup Pearls RARE
Books: AF Reading Pile
Sofa: Scarlet Creative Meribel Day Sofa
Stool: Scarlet Creative Meribel Stool
Tray on Stool: PILOT - Lilac Tray
Cup on Tray: AF Teacup Rose
Rug: Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug - Dark
Table: Scarlet Creative Meribel Cabinet
Lamp: AF Dolly Lamp
Phone: -tb- Rotary Phone - Cream
Flowers: AF Calla Lilies
Picture: -tb- Framed Picture - Ballerina
Shelf: AF Annan Relcimaed Shelving
Plant: Scarlet Creative Mountain Love Plant in Pot
Deerhead: AF Wicker Deer Head
Books: AF Books w/ Deer Head Bookends

House: Scarlet Creative - Meribel House

Friday, October 3, 2014

My New Spot ....

So I change houses like I change clothes
So here is my new spot I call home till I change yet again .... This is a mixture of things from old and current Arcade, FaMeshed, Items from Seven Emporium, and New Items from junk.

Records: Second Spaces 33 1/3 rpm set
Trunk: junk. wannabe boho. studded chest.
Crate of Music: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - crate of old music
Shelf: junk. ladder shelf. dark.
Items on Shelf:
Lamp: {vespertine- storm lantern}
Books pile 1: AF Reading Pile
Books pile 2: The Loft - Books A
Books pile 3: {vespertine - bookstacks}
Fashion Pictures: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - vintage fashion sketches
Crate of Fashion Patterns: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - vintage fashion patterns
Books: Kuro & [Con.] - Max's Hideout - Books 1 - Large
Books: floorplan. reference books
Books in Crate: Second Spaces books - short stack
Wire Crate: floorplan. wire basket
Plant: oyasumi / pot / plant
Crate of Books: floorplan. book basket
Radio: -tb- Spring Living - Radio (Green)
Boxes: Second Spaces messy bookshelf - red fileboxes
Books: Toronto-Living room books
Card Catalog: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - old card catalog drawers
Basket of Books: {vespertine - bookcart for wizard}
Floor Book: AF Sketchbook
Book Pile 1: {vespertine - bookstacks}
Book Pile 2: .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Books-
Shelf: junk. suitcase shelves.
Clock: junk. keyhole clock.
Flowers: -tb- Tea Time - Tin with Flowers
Feather in Jar: AF Pheasant Feathers
Tins: AF Tea Time Tins
Flags: Second Spaces - chalk banner - short
Plant: MudHoney Zelia Plant
Room Divider: junk. morrison packing crate screen.
Floor Cushion: junk. wannabe boho. floor cushion. one.
Game: *Second Spaces* poker set RARE
Rug: junk. round rug. green animal.
Stool: junk. barrel stool. turquoise leather.
Cat on Stool: (fd) Cat - 09 Ready to Pounce
Window Décor: {vespertine}-starbead curtain
Dresser: junk. wannabe boho. drawers. yellow. RARE.
Diary: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters
Lantern 1: junk. wannabe boho. lantern. four.
Flowers: The Loft - Logie Baby's Breath White
Skybox: junk. hunt skybox. @ FaMESHed
Blub: 7 - Floor Bulb
Picture: 7 - Happy Motor Boating
Chair 1: junk. metal drawer chair. zebra.
Table: junk. anarchy chest.
Lamp:  junk. stiff little finger lamp.

Chair 2: junk. metal drawer chair. punk.
Sign: 7 - No Service Sign
Time Card: 7 - Time Card Shelf
Table: junk. bartlet wheel table. worn.
Picture 1: Trompe Loeil - Frame Square Art Statue (Group Gift)
Picture 2: Trompe Loeil - Frame Square Art Bangkok (Group Gift)
Canvas 1: Trompe Loeil - Paxton Canvases 1 @ FaMESHed
Canvas 2: Trompe Loeil - Paxton Canvases 2 @ FaMESHed
Canvas 3: Trompe Loeil - Paxton Canvases 3 @ FaMESHed
Wire Shelf: 7 - Wire Cage Shelf
Books: Second Spaces: books - spread out
Bed: junk. bartlet daybed. canvas.
Rug:junk. round rug. zebra.
Sign: 7 - Now Serving Sign
Basket: 7 - Wire Crate
Blub: 7 - Hanging Bulb -Triple
Cabinet (not really seen): 7 - Tall File
Tv: 7 - Philby Television
Pile on TV: .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -News-
Sign: 7 - Route 66 Sign
Easel: +mudshake -  easle with painting
Paints: *Second Spaces* craft room - paints
Waste Basket: .aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Paper Trash-
Splatter on Floor: Me

Monday, September 22, 2014

I don't like the drugs but.. the drugs like me ...

Yet another outfit from Young Spirit ....


Top: .ARISE. Zipp Top / Black
Skirt: MoDANNA [Spirit Collection] Short Belted Skirt Plain Black
Stockings: -SU!- Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #07
Boots: .:cheeky:. Pira - high Heels Boots! Leo Dark (not a release for event but available there)
Collar: -FB- Spiked Collar -Black-
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Gemma Eastern
Hair: ::Exile:: Turn the Page: Blacks
Hands: Slink Casual and Gesture
Ears: (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Pierced Elf Ears Ver2
Nail Polish: -FB- Blend Nails (HUD for Slink Hands)
Hand Tat: .Identity. Body Shop - Mysterious Way

Time for Tea ... & Lazy Afternoons ....

Today I have some more décor for you .... Some new items from this round of Kustom 9 and a lot of stuff I found in my inventory from past events ... man I have to much stuff lol

Time for Tea...
Table set up:
Table: Apple Fall Cafe Table (Flowers)
Chair 1: Apple Fall Toile Chair (Cyan)
Chair 2: Apple Fall Ladderback Chair (Paint)
Tea Cups: AF Teacup Rose, AF Teacup Teal, AF Blueberries
Flowers: AF Rose Bouquet
All from the Apple Fall Gacha @ Kustom 9
Ladder Shelf: junk. step ladder shelf. plant. @ Kustom 9
Kitty: Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Ari
Window Clutter: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - old window frames @ The Arcade
(This round of Arcade ends soon)
Book Shelf: Zigana . bookshelves
Post Box: {vespertine} - vintage postbox/sky blue
Rug: Zigana . rug . naturel
House: :HAIKEI: Outdoor Open House @ Kustom 9
Now for this set its a mixture of current and past Arcade and other events all mixed together ....
Lazy Afternoons....
Daybed: junk. lazy daybed. RARE
Suitcase Shelf: junk. suitcase shelves.
Metal Basket: junk. metal basket.
Workshop Table: junk. machine table.
Clock: junk. keyhole clock.
Bookshelf: junk. birdcage shelves.
These are all from this current round of The Arcade but this round ends soon
On the Bed:
Radio with Tapes: Soy. vintage boom box [Metal]
Headphone: :::LP::: LP_Headphones - Yellow
Photo Book: 8f8 - 17. Our Secret Hideout - Our Memories
Doggie: +Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound - Grey
Pillow on floor: MudHoney Zelia Pillow - Chev (Gacha @ MudHoney)
Rug: MudHoney Zelia Rug (Gacha @ MudHoney)
Game: *Second Spaces* backgammon set
Boxes under Bed: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - old card catalog drawers (current Arcade)
Light: [Con.] Tripod Theatre Light - Bronze
Hanging Pictures: MudHoney Laura Pictures
Books 1: floorplan. birdcage bookends
Books 2: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Diaries & Love Letters
Flower: [ keke ] tea tin - vitality
Nesting Dolls: -tb- Spring Living - Nesting Dolls
Dress Form: -tb- Vanity -  Dress Form
On Desk:
Radio: -tb- Bon Voyage - Clock Radio (Pink)
Journal: PILOT- Journal [girly]
Pencils: -tres blah- Workspace - Pencil Holder (current Arcade)
Picture above: -tres blah- Workspace - Inspiration Board (current Arcade)
Stool: / XIAJ / Hera Artist Stool
In Birdcade Shelf:
Flowers: -tres blah- Workspace - Silver Mason Jar of Roses (current Arcade)
Tea Cup: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Keepsake Tea Cup
Bottles: O.M.E.N - Dear John - Locked Bottles
Book Pile: AF Reading Pile
Broom: / XIAJ / Wooden Push Broom


Friday, September 19, 2014

LOTD 9-19

So I was at Kustom 9 and Young Spirit Today I found these 2 outfits and absolutely luv'd them ..

First Look ... is a cute dress from Kustom 9

Dress: AMITOMO.Sweater one piece set1 @ Kustom 9
Shoes: *{Junbug}* Mon Cher Pumps - Ivory [Slink High Foot]
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Thelma
Next Look is from the Young Spirit event .. a little note I am not sure if these items are exclusive to the event and can only be found there or at Cheeky's mainstore, but you can get these right now @ Young Spirit.

Top: .:cheeky:. Crowl Top! Black @ Young Spirit
Pants: .:cheeky:. pipe Jeans! Blue
Shoes: REIGN.- CAPE WEDGES- TRIBAL *These were not from the young spirit event*
Hair: +Spellbound+ Toothbrush // Brunettes