Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Group Gifts @ FB

Ok because I didn't want to make a super long post lol

I have 2 new gifties available

First off is a group gift

Special version of the Hailey boots, these come with a HUD to choose from 3 patterns

Camo, Skulls, and Bright Dots
*These are for group members*
Next is for non group members, a cute lil leo print tank top
These giftie comes with all 4 colors
Red, Classic, Purple, and Snow

Newness from FB 1-16-14

Hello .... I have some new stuff for yas

Going to start off with a new sweater, then I have some newness for you Slink hands and feet wearers

-FB- Coraline Sweater is 100% mesh and comes with a HUD to choose from 6 knit colors and 6 knit printed colors.

Next for you is for the Slink Mesh Hands and Slink Mesh Feet *you will need to purchase the hands and feet from the Slink store, they do not come included* These are HUDs for the Hands and Feet


-These are currently available on MP only, I will have these at the in world store soon-
Basic Colors
Blend Colors
 Crackle Colors
 French Tip
 Glitter Colors
Pastel Colors

Friday, January 3, 2014

Newness @ FB 1-3-14

Ok so I have been slacking at the posting on mah blog ... and I am truly sorry about that. I am hoping I will not be as busy this year and be able to post more stuff and maybe get back into posting looks that I love not just FB stuff.

So I have 3 things 2 of which I should have posted a while ago so lets start this off with my newest release.

FB Hailey Boots these non rigged boots come with a texture change hud, 9 colors to choose from, and gold and silver accents.

FB Wellies these boots come in 4 sizes and a non rigged boot comes with a texture change HUD, 10 textures to choose from.


FB Ava Jeans these Mesh Jeans come in the standard sizes and a texture change HUD, 12 textures to choose from.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Newness @ FB

I have some newness for ya .....

FB Mily Leggings 100% mesh high waist leggings available in 20 textures with the HUD

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Newness @ FB 11-20-13

Hello Ladies ... I have some newness for ya ... I know its been a min but I have a lot for you to make up hopefully : )

                                                       -Taxi to -ForbiddenBerry-
                                                         -Link to Marketplace-

Lets start off with something for winter

-FB- Sweater Dress is a mesh dress that comes with a texture hud, 4 pattern choices to choose from. 4 pairs of tights are including available in Red, White, Blue, and Black.



-FB- Fug Boots mesh winter boots that comes with a texture hud, 8 color choices to choose from.

Alright now something a little smexy

-FB- Sassy Platform Leggings is mesh leggings that comes with a texture hud, with 5 colors to choose from. The net top is also included


-FB- Mandie Dress is a mesh dress that comes with a texture hud, with 8 colors to choose from.

Now for something cute and flirty

-FB- Sydney Tank is a mesh tank that comes in 5 choices to choose from, black ripped leggings are included with each tank.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Newness @ FB

Hello Mah Sweets!!!!

Ok so I know I sound like a broken record about not being able to post lol ... but my schedule is changing so I will be able to do more stuff in SL wooot!!

I have 2 NEW releases and 2 Exclusive items for the October round of Bewbapalooza
I will start out with the new releases ....

-FB- Felicity Dress in Flirty and Gothic



Next I have for you 2 Exclusive item for the very special Haunted Bewbapalooza, starting tomorrow head on over to Bewbapalooza and grab up these special items that will *poof*

-FB- Skully Lacesuit and Vamp Skin
this outfit comes with ALOT of stuff
-Lola's Tango and Phat Azz Appliers

Last but not least come cute lil Tees
-FB- Halloween Tees

Friday, September 27, 2013

Newness @ FB

Hello mah Lovelies ......

I am soooo sorry I have been quiet as of late but work is always crazy for me, but I had a little break today and was finally able to get out what i have been working on.

So I jumped on the Phat Azz bandwagon and made this for ya!!
-FB- Ciara Jeans

Super cute low rise jeans with sculpted cuffs that come with 2 colors (Light and Dark) also they come with ripped and non ripped version. Color choices are Red, Purple, Green, Brown, Blue, and Black. The Phat Azz applier is included with all choices but the jeans can be worn with out without the applier.

                                                              Taxi To -ForbiddenBerry-