Friday, January 3, 2014

Newness @ FB 1-3-14

Ok so I have been slacking at the posting on mah blog ... and I am truly sorry about that. I am hoping I will not be as busy this year and be able to post more stuff and maybe get back into posting looks that I love not just FB stuff.

So I have 3 things 2 of which I should have posted a while ago so lets start this off with my newest release.

FB Hailey Boots these non rigged boots come with a texture change hud, 9 colors to choose from, and gold and silver accents.

FB Wellies these boots come in 4 sizes and a non rigged boot comes with a texture change HUD, 10 textures to choose from.


FB Ava Jeans these Mesh Jeans come in the standard sizes and a texture change HUD, 12 textures to choose from.

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